Recent Paintings

Please see the description underneath each picture to read the main themes and inspirations for each piece

Winter Sun (for sale)

Super Moon over Whitby Harbour (for sale)


Aetna’ is my latest commission ….a big one 90cm x 140cm This piece represents a beautiful family it was commissioned for and their love. It’s a special year for their wedding anniversary and they wanted something to symbolise their honeymoon to Sicily and Mount Etna which is a very special place for them. The painting will be hung in the heart of their family home and I wanted to use colours to reflect the painting’s surroundings as well as giving a feeling of warmth and love (SOLD)

The Grass Isn’t Greener

The Grass Isn’t Greener On The Other Side’ is the final commission in the trio for Luck & Boo at Apteekki. I have absolutely loved working on these paintings as the subject matter is very close to my heart. This is an emotive piece based on animal exportation and exploitation. It is from an animals’ perspective, in a lorry, with the only view of the outside world being a small air vent.Very faintly you can see a hazy picture of green hills and fields which is the freedom that the animal desires – to live.Instead it is scared and trapped, the colours I’ve used are to represent chaos and darkness. In the viewing window, I have dripped paint to show emotion and the tears from both the animal and from myself.A splash of red denotes the fate that lies before the animal if it survives the journey. It is a tough subject to paint about, one that many people are disconnected from. It’s an important painting for me and I hope that it is thought provoking.

The Purity of Love

A very special piece for the heart of a lovely family home.‘The Purity of Love’ is based on unconditional family love. I used the white in a bow shape to represent the person it was painted for at the heart of their family- white symbolising purity of love and protection. I felt this was the right shape to dominate the composition as it’s liken to a roundness of a family table or the open arms of a mother. I thought about this in a spiritual way, like the white light of protection.All families have their ups and downs, times aren’t always easy but I wanted to bring across the notion that no matter what life brings, the love within a happy family will not falter. I used the rose gold to represent the precious element of love. (SOLD)

3pm Orange Snack

This painting is based on our local countryside for a dear old friend of mine! Happy memories of countless bike ride adventures! ‘3pm Orange Snack’ is all about a bike ride adventure for two kids with a back pack and only a drink and an Orange as a snack. I hope this painting brings back many happy childhood memories of being free as a bird! The scene is based on Borough Hill, always there in the distance of our home town. (SOLD)

Ablation Zone , Greenland

‘Ablation Zone Greenland’ is a painting I have created in response to the rapid melting of the Earth’s glaciers. The devastating impact of climate change is changing the landscape in Greenland which will impact many communities around the globe due to rising sea levels- including the UK. I want to raise awareness and show how desperate this situation is becoming for our planet and all of us. (FOR SALE)

Summer Sky

This one is based on a lovely summers eve walk home, the sky treated me to some stunning colours while the stars peeped from under the clouds. (FOR SALE)


‘Joy’ is based on the reunion of friends and family after the most recent lockdowns. I wanted this to be a happy painting however there is still a dark shadow looming in the background. This is to represent the feeling that our liberty isn’t fully with us yet. (FOR SALE)

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing’ is based on the image of a barren landscape on Earth from above. I have used more gentle colours with this painting to give it a more fragile but ‘pretty’ look. I chose this title because it is a superficial comment. The use of silver is to emphasise the large cracks and markings within the Earths surface because of man made climate change. Again, through my painting I want to highlight the impact of climate change and how this is damaging the fertility of our planet. (FOR SALE)


This painting was inspired colour wise by a beautiful refurbishment of a pair of chairs that are very special to the owners of this commission.The painting represents their family life and Hickling which is a special place for them and their family.Hickling has a canal running through it so I used this as a metaphor for both the ups and downs of family life and the calm and depth of family love.I’m so happy that they have asked me to create this piece to compliment their new family room and I hope it brings them many years of happiness (SOLD)

Defeating Gold

‘Defeating Gold’ (40 x 50cm)I have used more ‘Earthly’ colours in this piece to resemble rebalance and nature.The painting is about working together to defeat the destruction of our planet and the power of solidarity and unity.(SOLD)

Social Volcano (Part 2)

Unlike ‘Social Volcano’ which represented the role of social media during the pandemic and it’s long term effects onto society,this piece explores the impact on future societies due to climate change and rising sea levels.The current projection for the rise in sea levels by 2050 shows that it will be enough for many towns and cities to be under water globally, including in the UK. This will have an enormous impact on our world and it’s societies.Again, I have used golds as a metaphor for consumerism and capitalism and it’s direct link to climate change and ultimately the demise in future societies. (FOR SALE)


A-76… (40cm x 50cm) named after the Iceberg that broke off the Brunt Ice Shelf this February (2021). I’ve used purples to represent consumerism (purple is a popular colour used in marketing to attract a consumer to a product) and golds to represent capitalism. Both are playing a huge part in climate change.(SOLD)

Untitled (Tree Study)

This is simply a painting of one of my tree studies. I wanted to see what I could do using a pallet knife and monochrome colours. I love the eerieness of it and the ghostly shapes that I can see amongst the trunk of the tree.


‘Hope’ 2021 (Acrylic and Ink on Canvas)

This painting was inspired by the feelings of hope that COVID infection levels and death rates are dropping, and that we might soon be able to see a return to a safer, more social life. The structure of the painting is a representation of the rise and fall of the COVID graphs that we are presented with daily. I wanted to use some brighter colours to represent the emotion, which is somewhat of a departure from my usual palette. (SOLD)


‘Social Volcano’ 2021 (Acrylic and Ink on Canvas)

This was inspired by many things. The volcano represents the ‘eruption’ of mental health issues, issues around social isolation, disinformation on social media, the frustrations of our children not being able to socialise, and so on…(SOLD)


‘Division’ 2021 (Acrylic & Ink on Canvas)

This is the first in the series of my COVID inspired paintings. I wanted to use the imagery of a turbulent sea as a metaphor for how COVID has caused so much division, whether this be between families, politically, or socially. The pandemic has given rise to division around science and expertise, as seen in conspiracy theories and a rise in ‘anti-vaccination’ rhetoric. All of these things combined together, in my mind, created a perfect storm, and I wanted to try and capture this. (SOLD)